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The mission of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS is to improve the lives of children and youth struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We provide cost effective relief, services, medical and social support, education and advocacy to help these victims achieve their full life potential.
Feb 7, 2013

Supplies for a Clinic

There is a small clinic in the town of Mpumudde, Uganda.  Don't bother looking up Mpumudde because you won't find it.  Really, you won't.  Look for Jinja instead.  Close to Jinja - that is where Mpumudde is.  That is where a container of medical supplies sent by AFCA arrived this past week.

Yes, we send medicine for HIV+ children and their guardians.  But, we also do our best to send good quality medical supplies and equipment so that clinics like Mpumudde's can care for their patients with clean sutures and needles, good and sturdy hospital beds, new water filters, and hundreds of other items.

Since Mpumudde has been receiving AFCA medicine, I thought you'd like to hear about the gift of supplies they received.  They can't be happier!  The head doctor wrote us a note of thanks saying "our joy is too much to put in writing" and another doctor said "thank you for loving Uganda".  I couldn't say it better!

Thanks for your support of our kids!


Jan 28, 2013

The Harvests Have Begun


I visited the Mombasa project last week in order to see how the garden/agriculture project is coming along and I left dancing and crying tears of joy.  How incredible to see hard work paying off and to know that good things are happening!

The greenhouse at Portriez has already produced 150lbs of tomatoes, with an additional 200lbs expected to be harvested in the next week.  That is colossal!  Think for a moment that tomatoes are imported to Mombasa because they are impossible to grow in the heat, humidity and poor soil of the region.  It is amazing that we can produce this volume of great tomatoes - tasty, colorful, full of vitamins.  Spinach, kale, moringa, cassava, and sweet potatoes have also been harvested from outside the greenhouse where drip irrigation was set up. 

This small piece of land has been producing food to feed those who just can't afford to purchase at the market.  The food is sold at extremely discounted prices so that there is dignity in the purchase of it.  The bits of money that are made are turned into more seed and to upkeep the greenhouse/farm. 

We want to expand.  We need to expand!  How could we not?  This project is such a success that we must reproduce it in the larger piece of land, producing tomatoes, peppers and other difficult to grow foods.  Our dream? 10 greenhouses.  Yep!  Some of the veggies grown will be sold to hotels and restaurants for profit but the rest will be sold at reduced prices for those children and guardians who need food.  If an orphan cannot afford to pay even that, it will be given to them.

Thank you for making this such a successful project, friends!  It truly was inspirational to see what is going on in Portriez and then, to visit with women and toddlers who are doing great due to good food.  Children are gaining weight.  Things are looking good.

With gratitude and a million smiles,


samuel harvesting tomatoes
samuel harvesting tomatoes
Jan 25, 2013

They Dreamed a Dream

Children, 2 social workers and sweaty me
Children, 2 social workers and sweaty me

I have just returned from Kenya where I met with the children who'll benefit from your generosity.  The two eldest children had been taken out of school a couple of years back because they couldn't afford the fees required of them.  The three youngest school aged children have never been to school.  When I told them all that I thought they'd be able to go to school this year, their little faces brighted and the middle child, Joseph, smiled a sweet, sweet smile.

These kids don't have much...they share a bed in a tiny hovel in a slum of Mombasa.  Today, this very day, they were told that they could go to school for the entire year, that they will have their uniforms, shoes, and books paid for.  That they can continue dreaming of leaving the slum in pursuit of something better.  They know that education is needed for that and they are willing to work hard at it. 

Before leaving their home, I looked at each child in the eyes and asked them to please try their hardest at their school work.  Solemnly, they each shook my hand and promised to do their best.  That is all I want from and for them - their best. 

Thank you, generous donors, for making this dream a reality for these children.  What an amazing 2013 they will have, thanks to you!

On behalf of Osmondi, Lydia, Joseph, Brian, and Rama,



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