Youth Focus Africa Foundation

Youth Focus Africa Foundation (YOFAFO) is an independent, indIgenous, non-government organisation registered by the republic of Uganda with Registration number:S.5914/6058. YOFAFO aims to empower women and children through education, health and micro-finance programs. YOFAFO has been active in three villages in the Lugazi area since 2005, working in partnership with each community. In this time we have built a strong foundation of trust, community involvement, listening and accountability.
Hope for Africa Children's Village (inc. school) at Najja village
Nalubale Rd, Uganda
(.37485, 33.13007)
Kampala-Jinja Rd, Namagunga, Uganda
(.38277, 32.92688)
Kitoola School
Kampala-Jinja Rd, Uganda
(.37092, 32.99924)
Kampala-Jinja Rd, Namagunga, Uganda
(.38107, 32.93110)
Lugazi, Uganda: one of our village areas
Kampala-Jinja Road, Lugazi Sugar Platations, Namagunga, Uganda
(.38452, 32.92465)