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Jun 14, 2012

Ongoing Implementation

Friends, family, supporters, and curious readers, we hope all is going well for you as we quickly move into summer. As you may know, the EDGE Project travel team is currently working on their projects in Uganda on Lingira Island. This, of course, means our safe water project is presently underway and making progress. The couple months before leaving for Uganda, the team worked day in and day out on preparations of every aspect; delivery of ceramic kegs, water testing kits, travel options, and how to get a hold of necessary supplies in Uganda.

Currently, the team has found themselves neck deep in their efforts to supply Lingira with a viable option for safe and healthy water. With the help of one of the Kosim Water Keg founders, we're able to begin E Coli testing to deem the kegs effective and ready for on-site implementation. Even with preliminary tests, the basic ceramic filters showed no traces of E Coli and a cleaner water in general. This will only get more sanitary with the full assembly of the kegs.

Our most difficult step is to ensure the sustainability of these kegs once they have been placed in households around the island. Ongoing efforts on the island are trying to solve this question, which involves a lot of education series about water sanitation, as well as more integration of the filter with the culture. The travelers have been doing their best at spreading the word and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the necessity of clean water. These efforts are all to see the kegs successfully assembled and put into action, but more importantly, are to draw normal means of drinking water away from the lake into a healthier and safer solution. The positive impacts clean water can have are immense, and only when Lingira has a healthy population will our other projects hold more weight and help as many people as possible.

Thanks, folks, for your incredible support in our efforts. Make sure to keep up with the EDGE Project's blog (link at the bottom) to see what the travelers have been up to. It's a good way to hear what is going on through the perspective of the travelers themselves.

Very best,

The EDGE Project


Apr 11, 2012

Looking to Lingira

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We thank you for your continued contact and taking time to stay in touch. This is the time of the year when both writing and reading reports gets to be fun.

Since the last report, we’ve been working to reopen lines of communication with our friends and EDGE supporters abroad. There are now only six short weeks before our traveling group begins their 30 hour journey to Uganda and we’re intent to hit the ground running. Our marquee project, Quench Lingira will ultimately be our priority, but will not overshadow our other projects. Among them are plans to revamp the garden project from last year. We know that it has successfully produced some foods, improving the school’s diet, but we hope to better connect it to the community and push it as a learning center. Another team is looking at the grain mill building, which EDGE commissioned for a project several years ago. The hope is to inaugurate this space as a public and secular space where children and adults can learn, share, and do things without the pressures associated with other public areas. In this space and others, we will also be posting large-scale maps of Lingira and the surrounding area. This has nothing to do with navigation, but rather is meant to help Lingirans see their home with a new perspective. For more on these, please email. We will provide a final listing of our projects and planned activities as the trip nears.

On campus, we have two more events planned for the semester. Coming in less than two weeks is a benefit concert and bag-o tournament (Beats and Bags Benefit) at Varsity Hall. We hope to have several relevant organizations at the event. That will be on April 21st. Shortly after, we will be hosting the first of a series of annual student organization soccer tournaments. This is partially self-promotion, but is more so an effort to push the idea of a student organization community where fellow do-gooders can informally share their goals and how they pursue them via friendly relationships.

We also welcome back Sam Matthews and Elise Buchbinder who represented EDGE at the Clinton Global Initiative University in D.C. last weekend. They will bring back lessons learned from fellow students all the way to the musician, Usher. These two, along with Paul Atwell and Kristin Harrington, conference with the EDGE Project founders. This was especially productive as an evaluation of how EDGE has fulfilled its vision and how its vision has and will change in the future. In light of recent criticisms directed at developmental organizations, we also discussed the mission and integrity of EDGE. As always, feedback, criticism, or encouragement are always welcome. Emails us at wisconsin.edge@gmail.com or any friend or contact you know in EDGE Project.


E D G E | Project


Mar 26, 2012

Moving "Quench" from ambition to action

Friends and Supporters,

We first want to say thanks to you for making our matching campaign a fantastic success. Your help has brought us to a comfortable position as we begin to cement our plans for the implementation of our clean water project in a community with profound need. It is a treat to wrap-up the fundraising for this project and look to the remaining weeks before our trip without worry of being short of funding. All the scales are tipped in our favor as we close in on our return to Uganda.

Still, in the coming two months, we will be busy with several things. Among them will be finalizing the arrival and stay of on of the world's few water keg experts on the island. She will use her experience with several other projects to make sure that we build the filters with great deal of quality and see to it that they are placed where they will be well managed. We also are working out how to send a 50lb mold for the ceramic part of the filter to a ceramic factory in Kiminini, Kenya. That facility was started with the help of various Canadian groups and is meant to produce strictly ceramic pot filters. We will be their first keg-specific customers. Lastly we are working out plans on how to integrate the kegs into homes. As is, floor space goes at a premium and people seem to be content to drink turbid water. Therefore, we will be teaching how to use the kegs, but also why to use the kegs.

Inevitably, the time remaining before we travel to Lingira will evaporate before we can even blink. So we will be hard at work documenting our final plans for our month-long stay. But, please stay in touch. Hearing from a supporter who is so invested as to follow-up is a great experience. So write to us at wisconsin.edge@gmail.com and you can count on a timely response.