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May 19, 2014

3 Reasons Orphan Homes Need Your Help

Dear Giver,

Although there are many, here are 3 reasons orphanages need our help. 

1) Lack of Family

According to UNICEF, approximately 132 million children are classified as orphans worldwide. While not all children end up living in orphan homes, a lot of them do. Most children don’t know the meaning of a family. Others only know the meaning of a lost family. We can help make their lives a little brighter by supporting orphan homes and volunteers who work daily to make orphan homes a better place to live.

2) Malnutrition

Approximately, 5 million children die every year from malnutrition (UNICEF). While most orphans do eat their meals everyday, the meals do not contain the essential nutrients needed to fully nourish their growing bodies. Often times, because of the lack of funding and high demands, orphan home administrators purchase low quality foods, which may not always be the best choices. Your contribution will help to provide more healthier, better quality foods for these children.

3) A Better Future

Most children leave orphan homes when they turn 18. The problem is that most of them will not be fully prepared to face the real world. Supporting orphanages increases the likelihood that these children stay in schools and obtain an education to support themselves and their future families.

Mar 20, 2014

Thank you, from the bottom of their hearts!

Mission accomplished! The Mencia Foundation is happy to announce that this project was a success. The children were more than excited with their toys! We had targeted schools in extremely low income areas. Parents are not able to afford much for their kids. Most work in agriculture-related jobs, which are seasonal. They need to wait until the next season in order to receive an income. Please look at the pictures provided to see the kind of homes these families live in. Some of these children had never owned a toy in their lives. Finally they had a chance to own a toy of their own, to share with their friends. 

We would like to close this project by saying a big THANK YOU to all our donors. The children have never seen your faces, but we are sure they think of you. Please be proud of what you do. 

Again, Thank you!

Feb 11, 2014

They Have Every Excuse

Roads of Rancho Arriba
Roads of Rancho Arriba

The children of Rancho Arriba, Dominican Republic have every excuse to not go to school. Every day, they face challenges that the average child does not need to face. A good example is the condition of the roads in this community. Some of the toughest terrains can be found in Rancho Arriba. When it rains, the unpaved, uneven surface roads get so muddy that not even the tough 4x4 trucks can drive through them. Needless to say, it is very difficult to walk on them. Yet, the kids still attend school, some of them even with perfect attendance.

The schools of Rancho Arriba are not equipped with books and most of the students cannot afford to buy them. They don’t have computers, iPads or fancy technology to compliment their learning. Some of these students will be adults before they perform their first Google search, if ever. They do not have knowledge at their fingertips as most people with access to internet do. Still, that does not unmotivate them from being in class Monday through Friday.

Moreover, schools in the Dominican Republic don’t have government-funded meal programs, including those in Rancho Arriba. Some families can only afford to have a glass of hot chocolate (without milk) for breakfast – not very much to feed their brain cells. They do not own a closet-full of clothes. Some of them have to wear the same clothes every day – the same worn, faded and overgrown clothes. Their shoes are also worn, scratched and have soles that have been glued back together multiple times. Nevertheless, they are grateful for what they have and make it to school however they can. They have every excuse to say “No, I’m not going to school”, but they don’t say “No” to an education. For this, they are worthy of admiration.

Our goal at The Mencia Foundation is to help these and many other children in similar situation get an education by providing some of the basic items they need. We provide school supplies, uniforms, shoes and many other things to children in need. By doing this, we hope to alleviate some of their burdens so they can focus more on learning. It is our hope that these children will grow up to be successful individuals. Please help us.

School Children of Rancho Arriba
School Children of Rancho Arriba
Roads of Rancho Arriba
Roads of Rancho Arriba
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