HANDS AROUND THE WORLD seeks to help vulnerable children around the world, encouraging enthusiastic and well-prepared volunteers to offer practical help, skill-sharing, support and friendship.
Jun 28, 2012

June 2012 Update

The school at Sarberia started on 5th June 2005 with only 39 children and in this academic year 2012 there are about 300 hundred children and many more are seeking admission.

The Vocational Training Centre was built by Hands Around the World volunteers and local builders in 2008. This building is now used for school classrooms in the morning, but in the afternoon, there is also a sewing and embroidery course for the local women and a computer course for the young men who have little hope of employment after they have attended the government schools, and left with no qualifications.

Men with vision like Alindra Naskar are always looking for ways to improve the lives not only of the children whose potential has yet to be realised, but also the adults who have not had the benefit of a good education. As someone
with a medical background, he is also keen to provide Sarberia with a Health Clinic, where locals can be treated inexpensively, but also learn about hygiene and good health practice. He is concerned about the disaffected youth in the village who have dropped out of the government schools, which is why he began the computer course to
motivate them, as well as providing picnics for the old people to gather and share their concerns with one another.

Alindra writes ‘Our challenge is not only to educate the children but also educate the family as a whole by educating the parents from where the children basically grow up in life. Hence the parents need to be educated in healthy living and understand the value of education. In this way the children and parents are equally a priority for us in order to achieve the success the children so rightly deserve.’

Sponsors and donors so far have enabled Alindra to achieve this much, and he is extremely grateful for all the help and support he has received. He will not rest however until he has improved the lives of the villagers of Sarberia, whom he serves tirelessly.

I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to meet such an inspirational man, the type of person that you only tend to read about.

Wouldn’t you like to walk hand in hand with Alindra Naskar?

May 21, 2012

Report May 2012

During the past few months, despite the financial constraints, the project has been moving forwards.

The Centre is well on the way to becoming an approved training centre and will be registered by Teveta. This will enable examinations to take place on site avoiding fees for external examinations and the transport costs.

The newly appointed manager is busy making best use of current resources.

Although not yet complete, the new workshop is being used to train students in carpentry. Chickens are being fattened and sold to the local community to bring in extra funds. It is clearly recognized that this is a partnership, the local people will do what they can to generate income locally, but they also need our support.

This project faces major challenges, but the local people are determined to make a difference to the local teenagers. Any funds they receive are being carefully allocated to bring maximum benefit – the priority at the moment being to ensure that there are sufficient materials for the tailoring and carpentry classes.

Some tailoring students have completed their courses and are currently producing items for sale, while waiting to sit their examinations. Similarly, as the carpentry students become more proficient, they expect to sell some of their work to raise additional funds.

May 14, 2012

May 2012 Report

The three Dogba School classrooms have been structurally finished and all are in daily use for teaching. The village children - pupils at the school - took responsibility with their parents and the headteacher for clearing the site of
building materials and creating attractive and dry learning spaces. The recent flooding did not enter the building though dugouts were used to ferry pupils to the school.

There remains only the essential plastering and painting of the structure to provide the best chance of sustaining its use for many years to come. Funding  of £2000 is currently being sought for this purpose. Can you help please?

It is pleasing to report that following on from the charity's earlier support for children attending primary school within the community there has been significant progress in enabling orphan pupils to sustain an education programme.
We are extremely grateful for the financial support of all donors and in particular for the generosity of one couple who have made the Abopha Orphan Project their personal mission. This year there are 48 young people attending
secondary schools, 7 apprenticeships and for the first time 4 of the group are successfully enrolled at the University of Calavi-Abomey in Cotonou. It is intended to maintain and extend this programme.
During volunteer visits in 2011 it was realised that there were homeless orphan youngsters in the region and so the Abopha President and Committee decided to attempt to seek support for the building of a residential training centre in Affame. Land has been purchased and cleared and a plan drawn up for the proposed centre for, initially, around 20 young people. 5 of the committee have made a commitment to permanently staff the Centre. The training programme will include farming, carpentry, tailoring, the production of 'red oil' and computing.

In order to support the staff and provide a basic level of sustained income, volunteers will visit the community this summer and will be taking a tractor and farming implements, computers and bicycles to facilitate secondary school attendance. All considerations of making financial donations to this next development will be most welcome.


We aim also to continue and extend the programme of support for children with physical disabilities.
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