HANDS AROUND THE WORLD seeks to help vulnerable children around the world, encouraging enthusiastic and well-prepared volunteers to offer practical help, skill-sharing, support and friendship.
Apr 2, 2013

April 2013 Update

Long Jump
Long Jump

Alindra Naskar, Principal of the New Life Centre school in Sarberia is keen to provide the children with a rounded education. As well as the academic subjects, he also believes that Art and Sport play an important part in the

In the photo above we see the recent Sports Day and the Long Jump.

There is also the Art Competition each year when the children all submit drawings to see who is the best artist in their age group. This colourful drawing (below) is interesting as the snakes which are an ever present threat in the region are predominant. 

Competition is an important part of education, it motivates and informs children and should be enjoyable, as shown on the boy’s face in the long jump.

To sustain this growing school we are asking for sponsors to provide a steady income, and recently I sent them drawings that their sponsored children had made, such as the one here.

Wouldn’t you like to walk hand in hand with one of our children in Sarberia and help them to remain at school and improve their circumstances?   

Apr 2, 2013

April 2013 Update

Izzy (one of our volunteers) has, with a lot of help and negotiating from the head mistress, got the local government on side and made much progress on the nursery. It has now got two dedicated classrooms and allows children from the age of 3 to 5 years to attend at no cost to the parents. In turn this is allowing the mothers to try and earn a little money where possible.

We were delighted to learn that one of the teachers at the school who attends college at the weekends (funded through one of our supporters), had been awarded student of the year in 2012 and was presented with a cow. This and the fact that the school obtained the highest overall exam results in the district, shows that real progress is being made!

There are now 2800 children at the School in 31 very hot and cramped classrooms, being taught by only 29 teachers in two sittings per day. Very difficult conditions.

Progress is made possible by people kind enough to give their time and donate a little money to help these under privileged children to try and get some form of education. If you have done so I thank you!  

It is hoped that at least two more volunteers will be returning to the school next October/November to continue with work on the classrooms and toilets. Plans for refurbishing the oldest rooms are going ahead to lay floors and place new windows in the existing holes. More water tanks are still a great necessity to stop rainfall going to waste. And teaching English to teachers and students is still a great priority.

Feb 11, 2013

February 2013 Update

Athi Special School
Athi Special School

Hands Around the World sends professional volunteers for short secondments to the Special School at Athi. Our latest physiotherapy volunteer to Athi school returned just before Christmas and commented:

I enjoyed working with the children and feel that I was able to be of help. This was particularly so for Erik who had not been able to walk, as he had had jiggers and had been off his feet for months at home. I was able to organise boots and crutches for some of the children. Parallel bars would have been a great asset. There had been some in the past, but I was told that they were broken and there was no money to replace them. The children enjoyed their exercise  sessions. I feel that I should have done more with them. Wheel chairs were in bad repair. I  was able to get wheels replaced before I left.”

HATW works in partnership with the Disability Community Centre in Maua, where there is a rehabilitation team who work to support chiuldren with disabilities within their own community; the children’s practical needs can be assessed and appropriate help sourced – as in Erik’s case. As children grow, their equipment has to be replaced to continue to be useful.

The DCC team can identify, assess and measure for the most appropriate mobility aids, either making them in their own orthopaedic workshop or working in partnership with local manufacturers to make and supply items to the correct measurements.

In 2013, we would like to raise funds to help to better equip the orthopaedic workshop. We would like initially to raise the sum of £500 to start this project. All the money will be targeted to the DCC – for equipment, staff training in practical skills and a contribution towards helping children of the very poorest families by funding the necessary mobility equipment.

The DCC works closely with the children attending Athi school; this project will provide practical help to ensure that the school children who need mobility aids are able to access them from the therapy team, and their physical needs will begin to be addressed.

Please consider making a contribution to develop this important facility which will benefit disabled children in the North Meru district around Maua town.

Erik and friends
Erik and friends
Ann and friends
Ann and friends
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