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GlobeMed is a national non-profit organization comprised solely of students and recent graduates that are dedicated to improving the health of people living in poverty around the world. Since its establishment in 2006, GlobeMed has grown to include 55 chapters and over 2,000 students nationwide. Each GlobeMed chapter is partnered with a grassroots organization in a developing country, with whom they collaborate on specific projects aimed at improving the health of the community. In addition, GlobeMed is active in raising awareness of global health and social justice issues on each of the network's university campuses. We do this by implementing a global health curriculum that is taught weekl...
Aug 6, 2014

Mpoma/GlobeMed at UCLA Project Report

This past year, GlobeMed at UCLA fundraised to cover the cost of repairs/replacements of water sources in the five most vulnerable villages, as well as the development of a WASH manual and curriculum. Beyond providing new wells and repairs for communities in need, the program necessitates that the villages do the following:

1) Start a Village Savings Fund that villagers will contribute to monthly – a way for communities to have ownership over their water sources. With these funds, villages will be able to repair their own water sources as needed, greatly increasing their life span and effectiveness as well as allowing the villages to be independent of outside help.

2) Attend WASH curriculum sessions where important sanitation and hygiene information is taught. These lessons will be catered to the specific needs of each community.

3) Implement affordable, and safer sanitation practices into their lives and homes as the WASH program continues – thus reducing illness caused by unsafe water usage.


Our interns stayed at Mpoma for five weeks this summer to collaborate with the Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative to form a Partnership Action Framework to outline what we will be raising money for this year. It was decided that to ensure stability and sustainability for the Village Savings Funds, we will be setting up a Matching Fund, and fundraising to match the contributions of the villages by 90% in this first year, 75% in 2015-2016, and 50% in 2016-2017. We will also be raising money to translate our WASH manual and curriculum into Lugandan, the native language of the beneficiaries of our project.

This project will help the community progress towards a more prosperous future, so please support GlobeMed at UCLA and Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative as we aim to put life back into our partner community through the WASH Project!

Apr 7, 2014

Mpoma/GlobeMed at UCLA Project Report

"Water is life!" -Harriet, community member of Waluga Village in Mukono District, Uganda. 

Since the inception of the WASH Project in August 2013, our partnership has been hard at work developing various aspects of the project in anticipation of the June 2014 implementation. The GlobeMed at UCLA chapter is in the process of fundraising through various events on campus, grants and individual giving campaigns. Mpoma Community HIV/Inititative has been equally active, gathering information about the construction costs of the new sources of water. Both partners have maintained a dialogue regarding the development of the Sanitation and Hygiene curriculum, set to be taught starting June 2014. 

The WASH Project, when implemented, will be coupled with a village savings program to promote a savings culture wtihin the community. By doing so, we anticipate an increase in the amount of long term care for the sources of water as we hope to emopower community members to take ownership of their sources. We plan to do this by having community members remain responsible for all repairs needed on the water sources after construction. 

This project will help the community progress towards a more prosperous future, so please support GlobeMed at UCLA and Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative as we aim to put life back into our partner community through the WASH Project!

Jan 22, 2014

Project Dissolution


NOVEMBER 2013-JANUARY 2014                 


Since 2009, GlobeMed at UCLA has had the unique opportunity to partner with one of Straight Talk Foundations' four youth centers, the Nwoya Youth Center. With the vision to drive health development through community empowerment, the Nwoya Youth Center and GlobeMed came together to support a powerful movement for global health equity. Since then, the Anaka community has inspired and humbled many university students. The primary goal of the partnership was to expand upon the outreach services of the Nwoya Youth Center in order to empower and educate local youth to make healthy decisions for their futures. Over the years, the cohesive partnership has expanded numerous sexual health programs, creating a tangible impact in the Anaka community through our projects.  

By mutual agreement, the projects funded through this partnership have no future plans of expansion, due to capacity limits and growth constraints. 

Key project Activities

  • Sexual reproductive health outreaches to schools.
  • Sanitary pads support to young girls.
  • Training of senior women teachers.
  • Goats Monitoring.  
  • Supporting the youth center with project achievements.

The Sexual Health Outreach project successfully completed said activities throughout its duration and exceeded all goals in the execution and delivery process, as seen in the purchase of equipment and necessities that will help sustain the continuation of Nwoya's other projects and mission. 

We are proud of the dedication and passion that the Nwoya Youth Center staff and volunteers have continuously demonstrated. The Center has become an invaluable resource for the surrounding communities, and it's growth allows us to believe that it will continue to provide high quality outreach and education as the Anaka community evolves. 

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