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The William James Foundation (WJF) supports entrepreneurs and for-profit companies that have measurable social and/or environmental goals. The WJF identifies for-profit entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place and connects them to industry experts and impact investors to enhance the likelihood that their ideas scale into sustainable ventures through our sustainable business plan competitions, events, Green Grabs, and mentor capital. We have worked with 700 companies from over 50 countries. Just in the past 3 years we have provided more than 10,000 pages of feedback to our entrants. Our Work Supports * Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs receive extensive business plan feedback, ...
May 18, 2012

Thank You for Helping Us Launch Our New Mentor Program

2012 Idea-Phase Finalists and Judges
2012 Idea-Phase Finalists and Judges

Thank you for donating to the WJF’s first ever GlobalGiving campaign! We set out with the goal of raising $5,000 and we were able to achieve that goal in 30 days thanks to your generosity. As a result we have earned a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving website, which means that we will be able to launch additional campaigns on the GlobalGiving platform.

Our project goal was to start a mentor network for sustainable entrepreneurs, and we are happy to let you know the planning for that network is well underway. We are getting great reactions as we contact the prospective mentors who will be the backbone of this program.

To be a mentor in our network, experts will donate one hour per month of their time to help social entrepreneurs from around the world overcome their greatest challenges. These mentors have extensive expertise across many industries and functions. For example, one mentor is the founder and former CEO of a sustainable consumer products company that sells to large chain retailers, who could help other sustainable consumer products entrepreneurs do the same.  Another built the largest solar company in the USA. 

In order that the entrepreneurs are engaged for the mentorship calls, and to cover our scheduling expenses, we are charging a small fee, which will be affordable to most of but not all of the programs we work with. Your donation will allow us to extend this service to those from countries where $100 represents a significant expense.  

We are also laying the groundwork for a survey of our past entrants that will take place over the summer. During this survey, we will learn about their progress and uncover the challenges they are currently facing, so we can tailor the mentor program towards their needs. Our launch will be this summer. If you’d like to be involved in the mentor network, please reach out to us. Thank you again for helping us to make the WJF Mentor Program a reality!

P.S. I've attached some photos from our Annual Gathering held April 12-14th in Washington, DC.

Board of Directors and Founder, Chuck Dell
Board of Directors and Founder, Chuck Dell
Wash Cycle, Affirm Global, WeBike, & KeoK
Wash Cycle, Affirm Global, WeBike, & KeoK'Jay
Caktilika's presentation to the judges