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WRC empowers Cambodian women by providing emotional support and information that enhances their ability and confidence to make informed decisions about their own lives. In a society where women hold significantly less influence than males and disparities in health, education, economic opportunity and personal safety, WRC believes access to information is by far the most effective way to promote women's equality and human rights. Providing information and programs related to health education, mental health counseling, legal aid, family life, literacy education and work skills training builds on each woman's strengths, abilities, and confidence, with which WRC aim to positively impact the wa...
Dec 6, 2013


Phalla, happy and brave.
Phalla, happy and brave.

We asked some Women’s Resource Center legal workshop participants how they felt after graduating. One word kept popping up: “Brave.

Why brave? Because now they know how to stand up for their rights as Cambodian women.

Phalla, one of our graduates, said:

"I thought that daughters were not allowed to study. [People] think that study is not important for girls…. Men can work or do anything, and they think that women are useless.

WRC helps women understand their rights and feel safe….They made me happy, and brave."

Phalla moved to our village to learn new skills and try to escape poverty. We see new women each day eager to make a better future for themselves and their families. Please help us to keep these workshops going. Thank you so much for all that you contribute to Women’s Resource Center of Cambodia.

About WRC’s legal workshops:

Our six-week course teaches Cambodian women – many of whom cannot read or write – their legal rights to tackle domestic violence, divorce, and property disputes. Women who attend the courses often bring their lessons home to their villages and empower others by spreading the word. Each time you help us educate a Cambodian woman, you teach her friends, family, and children, too. 


Sep 3, 2013

Will You Help Us Win?

Fundraising is a great way to get involved!
Fundraising is a great way to get involved!

Hello to our generous supporters!

First, I’d like to thank you again for being a Women’s Resource Center donor and long time supporter. Donors are essential to keeping our doors open and our programs constantly improving.

Thanks to you we have been excelling in our educational workshops we provide to women and girls--and also some men in our Parents Talk workshops.
How? Our educational workshops have been in high demand this year from outside organizations wishing to provide this invaluable information to their clients. Because of this we are happy to report we have been able to reach more women, girls and their families, including children, than ever before! That's reason to celebrate and be proud of how your generosity is providing for and empowering so many. 

I’m writing today to ask if you can help WRC in another way.

We’ve got a great opportunity this September with our GlobalGiving campaign Provide women and girls education in Cambodia that I’m hoping you can help with.

GlobalGiving is offering three bonus awards—$2,000, $1,000 and $500—to the projects that have the most fundraisers during the month of September. Fundraisers must raise at least $500 from at least 10 donors to qualify for a prize. And, for every fundraiser that reaches the thresholds, GlobalGiving will offer an extra $50!

Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Create a fundraiser page on GlobalGiving by scrolling down to just under the second orange 'donate' button and click the green 'Fundraiser' icon.

Step 2: Sign up or Log In to GlobalGiving.

Step 3: Create your fundraising page with a fundraising name, kind of fundraiser - General, Tribute or Be AWESOME!! - add a photo and you have your very own fundraising page you can share on Facebook. You can use the widget at the bottom to post on your blog or website.

N.B. Remember your fundraiser must start September 1st and end September 30th. 

Some ideas for you to share with your friends about why they should donate to Women's Resource Center:

* Since opening 2.5 years ago, 100% more women are now dropping in for counseling support and referrals to services they need for themselves and their families.
* 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in Cambodia. * 30% of women lacking a skilled attendant during childbirth 
* 28% of children under 5 years of age are under weight, and those living in poor households with uneducated mothers are most likely to be malnourished.
* We currently provide free domestic violence awareness, women's health and positive parenting educational workshops to women.
In 2014, we will have 2 new workshops available to women - Financial Management and Safe Migration/Trafficking Awareness.

To sweeten the deal for your supporters, GlobalGiving is offering awesome prizes - airplane tickets, a flip cam, and more! - and we’re also offering prizes to the top fundraisers that raise the most money from the most donors. Stay tuned for more details!

Many thanks for all you do,



Aug 2, 2013

Education success with Peace Corps!!

Camp G.L.O.W. fun (and learning!)
Camp G.L.O.W. fun (and learning!)

Hello, WRC friends!

As we at Women’s Resource Center take stock of the first half of 2013, we are are on track to meet and possibly exceed last years workshop attendance, the highest in our history. We are grateful to be able to reach more and more women each day, and especially grateful to you for helping ensure we have the resources to do so.

Most recently, to ensure we have the greatest impact possible, we have been surveying local women to learn more about their needs and also partnering with other organisations on an exciting program…. 

Camp G.L.O.W.

Last month marked our second year partnering with the Peace Corps and several other local organisations in this remarkable program to educate and empower 63 girls, aged 14-20 years, of 7 schools in Siem Reap and Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia.
Our very own, Pisey, conducted sessions over the weekend camp on self awareness and goal setting, as well as leading the girls through activities to help prepare them to be community educators when they finish the camp – each school group is required to return to their home and teach 100 people, to reach a total of 700 beneficiaries beyond those who attended the camp. Amazing initiative!

Spoil Your Children (Parents Talk Workshop)

 “Many Cambodian parents believe by showing love and care to their children they are spoiling them, so they do not. As you can imagine, this can have a profound effect on children’s self esteem and development.”

- Pisey Khim, WRC Program Director 

Attendance has remained strong this year for our parenting workshops. Many participants in our latest group identified that they were lacking a lot of love, affection and communication from their parents as children. They (and we!) are happy to have the opportunity to learn how to praise their children and give them the love they now know they need.

Know Your Rights (and How to Exercise Them!)

“One woman shared with me that she felt a new understanding about her relationship. She said she didn’t recognize before what an unhealthy relationship or emotional abuse are.” 

- Sophal Ken, WRC Legal Aid Facilitator

We have seen good outcomes in this inaugural year of our legal aid workshops, which teach about domestic violence, divorce rights, property rights, and the complicated procedures they involve. With your support, we will continue this growing program to ensure women in Cambodia know their rights and how to exercise them.

Thank you for making these workshops possible
for the many women and girls who come to our center to learn about topics important to their lives. Your contributions support the continuation of our educational workshops, allowing more women to access education they actively seek.

Opening up about childhood experiences...
Opening up about childhood experiences...


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