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WRC empowers Cambodian women by providing emotional support and information that enhances their ability and confidence to make informed decisions about their own lives. In a society where women hold significantly less influence than males and disparities in health, education, economic opportunity and personal safety, WRC believes access to information is by far the most effective way to promote women's equality and human rights. Providing information and programs related to health education, mental health counseling, legal aid, family life, literacy education and work skills training builds on each woman's strengths, abilities, and confidence, with which WRC aim to positively impact the wa...
Mar 25, 2014

Watch Chantou tell you of her SUCCESS!

"Parents have a lot of responsibilities" - Chantou
"Parents have a lot of responsibilities" - Chantou

This is the story of Chantou, a participant of our Parenting Workshop last year. A single mother who left two abusive husbands, Chantou was profoundly impacted by WRC's free parenting workshops that taught her not to pass that violence onto her daughters.

This is her story. Her transformation. In her words. Please watch and share her story with your friends on social media (or simply by forwarding this email) to spread the word about these women in need. 

Chantou - "In My New Shoes"

This year, up to 50 women will come to join our parenting workshops.

This is 1 story of 50 - there are 50 more stories just as impressive and inspiring.

Last year over 200 people came to our educational workshops, on Parenting, Women's Health and Domestic Violence/Gender.

Our workshops are facilitated to local women by local, highly educated and compassionate women, in the local language, at our safe, comfortable and secure Center.

Thank you so much for making success stories like Chantou's become a new life path for women and their families.


Jan 2, 2014

Exciting New Year Present!

Together we make change, together we give chances.
Together we make change, together we give chances.

Friends, we still have $550 to go to meet our $1000 gift match! If you have given already, thank you! If you have not and are able, we hope you'll consider helping us. Your dollars will double instantly, and they go so much further in Cambodia, where a fine meal costs $3 and many live on less than $1 a day. The deadline for the gift match has been extended to January 7. Thank you!

Wrapping up 2013, and celebrating our 3rd Birthday, had us reflect on our achievements and set goals to continue our successful programs in the new year with funds raised from this exciting gift match.

Here's what you've helped us achieve over the past 3 years...
Since our drop in center doors opened in 2010, we have:
  • Provided 818 educational workshops to women and men,
  • Provided a safe space for 130 women to come to talk and share about their concerns and experiences,
  • Networked and collaborated with over 50 local and international organisations in Cambodia.

Together we enable women and girls to receive support and information to make informed decisions about their own lives. Your support enables women to empower themselves. We hope you see how far your dollars go, and the difference you make, here in Cambodia.

Thanks for your support and Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Dec 27, 2013

Your tax-deductible gift DOUBLES to help Cambodian women!

Dara, one of many now empowered women WRC support
Dara, one of many now empowered women WRC support

We at Women’s Resource Center of Cambodia hope you’re enjoying this holiday season and wish you and your loved ones the very best!

We are very grateful to have received an unexpected gift this year…. Friends, a group of anonymous donors has agreed to match all gifts up to $1,000 through January 2! This means that when you choose WRC for your year-end gift, your donation doubles

This comes at just the right time. As we’ve grown our programs this year, our expenses have grown, as well. We hope you can contribute to ensure Cambodian women have WRC to turn to for help when they need it most. You’ve helped us do so much this year:

  • Launch legal aid workshops to ensure Cambodian women know their right to property, divorce, and a safe home
  • Educate and empower 280 women (like Dara, pictured here) through our free workshops on women’s health, domestic violence, and women’s rights
  • Partner with local women’s organizations to reach even more Cambodian women in need
  • Bring in health education volunteers from across the world to ensure our Cambodian staff has access to the best and most current health information
  • Work with the Peace Corps to train our Cambodian staff as ambassadors for women’s rights and health in their community

Your contribution ensures the programs continue in 2014. If you are able to donate and help us take advantage of this opportunity, thank you! And thanks, as always, for being a great friend to Women’s Resource Center of Cambodia. Happy holidays! 


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