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Our mission is to break cycles of poverty and abuse and to create positive change in Cambodia through intervention and education for the most impoverished and underserved Cambodian children and their families.
Aug 11, 2014

A Warm Thank you from Cambodian Children's Fund!

With the kindness of our Globalgiving supporters we have Enhanced Classrooms in Cambodia! You have empowered the most impoverished children to become tomorrow's leaders by putting the Internet and classroom technology in their hands. CCF's enhanced classrooms will carry on to our Leadership Program and allow our students to give back to their community, family, and country.

Please see what we have been up to! Check out an areal view of where our new Center for Education Excellence will be built. This new building will be used to train teachers and enhance CCF's curriculum. We have also launched our Chid protection Unit, read about it here.     

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 In gratitude,

Cambodian Children's Fund  

May 9, 2014

Cambodian Children's Fund sends gratitude!


With the generous support of our GlobalGiving donors the most impoverished CCF students have access to the Internet and are gathering at the Satellite schools with their families to learn English, read about current events, and connect with people around the world.

Furthermore, the new classroom technologies help facilitate a richer learning environment giving the upper school CCF students in our Leadership Program the tools to empower their community. Now learning meets joy when you hear the children sing songs, see them smile when they advance in an English learning game, and clap their hands with excitement on movie night.

The enhanced classrooms also puts audio, video, and learining games in the hands of our teachers who can more fully engage students. Lastly, the Internet is a resource for CCF's 37 new university students!

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Your kindness and thoughtfulness has touched so many lives!



Cambodian Children's Fund 

Jan 9, 2014

Spreading Technology to Impoverished Communities.

Children who only dreamt of thriving in a classroom are now steps away from a computer lab! They can now learn English through interactive games, read stories and listen to songs about their heritage and culture, as well as have a link to the outside world. There are so many children who are pleading for an education, your kindness and generosity has reached so many of them and their families, but let us keep the momentum going! Please spread the word about the Cambodian Children's Fund and allow us to provide even more technological equipment and learning tools to the children in our care.

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Thank you so much for all your generous and kind support; you are truly appreciated here at CCF!


The Cambodian Children's Fund Team