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Our Mission is to provide non-formal education, livelihood training and support to marginalized groups And To build the capacity of the local staff in order to nurture and develop future leaders in the community. PIO offers the chance for some of the most disadvantaged children in the community the chance to learn to read and write, lives in a safe environment, has access to clean water and food and also to learn valuable life skills. This is achieved by offering formal and non-formal education to the community at no cost to them. We are licensed with the Ministry of Education to teach the official curriculum and any student completing studies at PIO is recognized nationally by the ministr...
Oct 25, 2012

Thank you from the Children of BSPPII

Recently Constructed School BSPPII
Recently Constructed School BSPPII

We did it! We are still trying to comprehend the fact that we had met and surpassed our fundraising goal of $6500! So to everyone who did contribute please give yourselves a pat on the back for stepping up to make a positive change in the world. Your contribution not only went to help the children at Borey Santhipheap II but also earned PIO a spot on Global Giving which means that our work can reach a larger audience, qualify for corporate matching, and take part in large global campaigns such as the Girl Effect (more below). The children at Borey Santhipheap II will now have a safe positive space to gather and read or just hang out. It’s a much needed resource as the community lacks in almost every single amenity.

As many of you might know, Borey Santhipheap II was a planned community located 32 km from Phnom Penh. It was created because developers wanted a key piece of central riverside land in Phnom Penh that happened to be the largest slum in Phnom Penh. The location allowed residents to work close to the city the chance to earn income by scavenging trash, temporary work or moto taxi driver etc. The plan was to offer residents of the slum a house for free in Borey Santhipheap II if they would relocate. Many took the offer only to find that their new home was located in the middle of nowhere far from the city. It lacked in almost everything...the community didn’t even have a school! The commune chief had asked a number of organizations to help but PIO was the first to get involved and set up a school for the children of BSPPII.

Today we are steadily building resources for the children so they can enjoy having a stable learning environment and dream about what they want to become in the future. This library was made possible because of each and every one of you.

On behalf of Phymean and the staff at PIO we can all work together to make a difference. Thank you!

Also, we are going to be involved in the Girl Effect Campaign with Global Giving for the month of November. We are looking to get at least 600 unique donors over the month to earn a spot in the campaign for a year. Earning a spot means corporate matching and enhanced exposure to a global audience of our work. We will let you know more in the coming weeks.