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WINGS Foundation is a nonprofit agency that has provided services to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their supporters since 1982. Our mission is to break the cycle and heal the wounds of childhood sexual abuse by providing support services, education, and advocacy to adults. Our services are available in English and Spanish to men and women ages 18 and over. Our program includes therapist-facilitated support groups, local and national referrals and information for primary and secondary victims of childhood sexual abuse, and referrals to qualified mental health therapists through our therapist referral database. WINGS also offers survivors, their supporters, and the communi...
Nov 26, 2013

Thank You for Your Support

Dear Friends -

WINGS appreciates Global Giving’s belief in the value of providing support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse through their fundraising campaign opportunities. In evaluating our overall development program, WINGS has realized a need to streamline our online giving components, to make a more clear process for our constituents and donors.  At this time, we believe we need to operate one system, rather than multiple ones, and so we need to conclude our contract with Global Giving for the time being.  Should our plans change going forward, we appreciate being able to reach back out to you, and will certainly keep your information in our files.


Thank you for all of your generosity over the past year and your contributions to helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse receive the services they need.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Stith, Interim Executive Director

Aug 19, 2013

Taking Flight Against Sexual Abuse - WINGS Update

Dear Friends,

We began our Taking Flight Against Sexual Abuse fundraising campaign roughly a year ago. In that time we have raised $3,412 and have used your generous donations to continue supporting adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. WINGS continues to add support groups and to reach out to survivors, service providers, and loved ones. Over the last 8 months, WINGS has added speciality groups, including creative arts processing and spirituality groups, as we believe that healing can come in multiple forms.

Additionally, WINGS has been focused on training other professionals about the issues related to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We have presented at several conferences, including the Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference in June, the International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous Conference in August, and we will be presenting at the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance in October. WINGS strongly believes that the more agencies work together to share our expertise, the more benefits we can bring to all of our clients.

In addition to presenting, WINGS has spent the last year working to put together the first national conference on healing for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The Soaring to New Heights Conference will host two amazing keynote presentations and 16 incredible workshops, including 3 Spanish-language sessions. The conference will bring together survivors, loved ones, therapists, medical professionals, and all allies of adult survivors. Held on October 5th at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado - the Soaring to New Heights Conference will be an amazing opportunity for us all to learn about issues facing adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. For more information:

What's incredibly exciting about the Soaring to New Heights Conference, the WINGS' presentations at other conferences, and the new speciality groups we're providing is that we're flinging open the doors so others can join us in this conversation about supporting adult survivors, the issues they face, and ways service providers, loved ones, and allies can help.

Thank you for your help. Thank you for learning more about adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, for supporting survivors, and for helping WINGS as we spread the word.

All the best,



May 22, 2013

Taking Flight Against Sexual Abuse - WINGS Update

9Health Fair
9Health Fair

 Dear Friends,

It's hard to believe that another three months have passed since I last wrote with an update on WINGS. In those three months, WINGS has continued to focus on building programs for survivors, training local therapists on issues impacting adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), and raising public awareness.   

In April, WINGS attended four 9Health Fairs with over 800 attendees total. Hundreds of people saw the alarming statistics about childhood sexual abuse and learned about our services. Even those who did not speak with us directly began conversations with each other while waiting in line. In one instance, a teenage daughter began asking her dad questions about what constituted sexual abuse and why so many children were victims. Her dad patiently answered each of her questions and as they moved forward in line, their conversation continued.

Moments like those are worth celebrating. Each time someone reads about CSA on a sign, or hears a survivor tell their story, or learns about a better technique for survivor services, the public conversation about childhood sexual abuse is altered. Every time we talk about the frequency within which CSA happens (1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys) and the ongoing trauma many adult survivors face, we continue building a stronger support network for survivors.

It can be easy to brush aside the importance of a single interaction, a single, offhand conversation between a dad and his daughter, but we will never know the impact that single moment had on both of their lives or the lives of those who surround them. Your donations to WINGS help make those moments possible and we hope that you can take a minute to acknowledge the role you that you have played in supporting adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and another moment to think about the ways you can continue to join WINGS in helping survivors soar.

All the best,

Megan Chuhran

Outreach Coordinator