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Our Vision "Kalanjiyam envisions an energized and empowered community, that can take part in its own development, is able to mobilize and organize itself and take actions to ensure quality education, improved health and overall well-being of all its members." The mission of Kalanjiyam is to bring about impact in a core set of areas: Ensuring that children have access education quality education Bringing health and well being resulting in a RICH community, Making sure that communities are aware / have knowledge and have correct information for making decisions and choices in their lives Facilitating and broadening the skills and capacity of communities Providing for ways to ...
Oct 29, 2013

Improving sanitaiton in school toilets

Dear Friends,

In the last few months, the project has continued to support all the project schools for maintaining the hygiene and sanitation facilities in the schools.  Three more project schools were added to the list of schools supported for cleaning and maintaining the school toilets.  THree local women/ ayyahs were identified from each village and were appointed earlier this month. They are now going to the school each day and are cleaning the toilets and ensuring that hygienic conditions are maintained.

OTher than this the project is also taking up a semi-annual clearning (through acid washing) of the hygiene facilities in the large schools. Special contractors are hired for this pupose and they spend two days to clean the toilet and make them look new once again.  We have found that doing this twice a year helps in the upkeep and makes the toilets look good in the long run!

Kalanjiyam staff members are also conducting special awareness classes for the school children, on the issue of hygiene and sanitation.  Children are encouraged to come up with slogans and speak about the benefits of good hygiene.

We thank all of you for continuing to support this effort! Only your support is helping us to implement this program.

Jul 31, 2013

Strengthening rural children and schools

Para teacher teaching children
Para teacher teaching children

The project is supporting rural schools and children through para teachers.  The para teachers have been placed in each school and are supporting the Headmaster / teacher in the instruction of children.  Para teachers are ensuring school regularity and special coaching of children who have learning challenges is also being taken up.  We have also encouraged these para teachers to take up the computer education of the students and this being implemented as well.  The children are also encouraged to participate in special competitions, such as multiplication tables recitation etc and prices are being provided for the best students.

Feedback from parents:

A coolier worker from local village: ‘Three teachers could not manage, due to the high school strength. It is very useful to have one para-teacher from Kalanjiyam project. My son did not know to write a phone number before. Now he is doing arithmetic well and able to read the paper, We thank TNF project for making this possible.’

Students are more regular to school: ' ‘Previously I and others used to come to school late. Now we come by 8.30 daily. Previously the teachers came late to the school, but this has changed now. After Kalanjiyamproject has come, I am punctual in coming to school and enjoy being with my classmates.’

The increase in school regularity is ensuring that children are able to learn effectively and this is positively reflecting in their school marks.  The children are also happy to come to school because we are teaching computers in school, and all children in the project schools are digitally literate. 

Children learning computers
Children learning computers
Jul 1, 2013

Maintaining School hygiene facilities

Water filtration system working again
Water filtration system working again

Dear Friends and Well wishers,

We thank you all once again for your continued support!

In the last three months project has been able to continue the support to maintain the hygiene premises in the 6+ schools in the project villages.   Since the schools had exams, holidays for the summer no new schools were taken up in this period.  However the project has been maintaining the hygiene and sanitation facilities by providing cleaning supplies, ensuring that the point person for the daily maintenance of the hygiene facilities is carrying out their responsibilities and troubleshooting/ taking care of any repairs in an ongoing basis.  

In this regard there were repairs the water filtration systems in two schools, and these were taken care of as needed, and drinking water was made available.  About 700 children continue to be benefited daily from the project; they don’t have to worry about not having a clean toilet in school or not having running water and can feel safe that they have clean drinking water.  We than to all of you for making this possible!  

Ayaah maintaining school toilet
Ayaah maintaining school toilet
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