Our mission is simple: We clean water for kids. Safe drinking water is the most essential life-sustaining requirement. There is no substitute - not at any price. In this day and age, in such a plentiful world, clean water should no longer be the privilege of some, but the basic right of every child.
Nov 15, 2010

Status Update

To all of our donors,
THANK YOU for your generous support! 

We wanted to update you on our project activities and some of the challenges we're facing.  Due to difficulties working in Qinghai post-earthquake our agency, in full partnership with and acknowledgment from the Chinese government, we have decided that our relief work in Yushu and Xining displacement camps should come to a halt. This project, partially supported by GlobalGiving funding (China Earthquake clean water relief project #5457), was a tough one from the onset due to a myriad of social, geographic, and climate issues. In full recognition of these challenges, the Chinese government has suggested we train our sights on other collaborative relief work in China.

Our organization has thus diverted our partnered relief projects in China toward flood affected areas in Jilin Province. The water systems and equipment initially slated for Qinghai were rerouted to Jilin and, working with the provincial Civil Affairs Bureau and China Association of Social work, we installed our projects in three orphanages (listed below). Aside from the small number of children at each orphanage, the facility also serves hundreds more flood-displaced families.

A. Jilin City Social Welfare Institute, 106 children.
B. Jilin City Changyi District Huapichang Social Welfare Center, 60 children
C. Jilin City Longtan District Wulajiezhen Social Welfare Center, 100 children.

We appreciate your donation and want to make sure it used in the way you would like it to be used.  Since this relief work is coming to an end, we will retire this project and apply any unspent funds for our other project on GlobalGiving - Bright Clean Water to Children's Hospitals in China (www.globalgiving.org/2586 <http://www.globalgiving.org/2586> ). If you would rather these funds be used for another project on GlobalGiving please let us know by November 30.
If you have any concerns about this feel free to contact me at eric@achildsright.org or GlobalGiving at projecthelp@globalgiving.org.
Thank you again for your support!

Oct 14, 2010

October 2010 update

We continue to work throughout all 31 provinces and municipalities in China on our Clean Water for Orphans Project. We are now more than 1/3rd of the way toward completing our goal of providing more than 600 orphanages clean and safe water.

The Clean Water to Children's Hospital Project continues in the planning phase. Upon reaching 50% of our funding goal we will undertake our first round of installations and provide photo, video, GPS, and testimonials from children and staff at the hospitals upon completion. The additional hospitals will be served upon reaching 100% of our goal.

As mentioned in our last report, the hospital project through Global Giving is intended to be our springboard in to large scale operations in hospitals and clinics serving vulnerable children throughout China. We are committed to the project and look forward to sharing quality updates with our donors once the work pushes forward.

Until then, we thank the Global Giving supporters and are happy to answer any questions directly if there are any.

Eric Stowe

Aug 11, 2010

Status update

Our China Director of Operations has been working closely with the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Beijing as well as the Provincial level Civil Affairs Bureau in Qinghai and the Yushu Distater Relief Committee- which has overseen all relief aid in the province since the earthquake.

We have provided basic water supplies of bottled water until permanent style displacement camps are completed. The government has dissuaded our organization from installing water purification equipment until such housing is established. Our target date for launch of long term support is late fall 2010.

Although several months after the initial earthquake, this time frame is important as it is prior to the winter weather changes which will force many of the nomadic families, who were displaced by the earthquake, to settle in more secure structures and in which safe water is of paramount importance.

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