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We envision an empowered health living community. Our mission is to build and coordinate a volunteer network that empowers people to improve their own situations thereby reducing poverty, increase human security enhancement for the attainment of sustainable development in the communities that we serve.
Jul 11, 2014

Through learning my life is transformed

reading and writing is a right
reading and writing is a right

The Seed to change livelihood project provides basic training in adult literacy, business skills, child parenting and nutrition to women at 2 learning centers in Bungatira Gulu District. The project was conducted for 9 month for 153 women (widows and single mothers, former abducted girls) who have been trained in basic adult literacy learning, business skills. Learners attended classes twice every week, leaners also engage in practical agricultural practices of fruit production and vegetable growing for home consumption and selling surplus improving nutrition and their house hold income. All participants leant how write their names, and they have formed a community group (Monpaco Women’s Association) this is a community support group for all alumni of Adult Literacy learning from the 2 centers, through this women are able to learn more about leadership, and will participate in community project monitoring.

This year, our goal is to continue to grow and expand this opportunity to more 150 women, we will grow our program to reflect the needs of women in the community and the region. To better serve our clients, we are opening one more learning Centre in Acet where many of the clients live and work. This will make it easier to attend trainings, meetings and ensure the level of support necessary for success.

Success Story:-

Josephine is 32 years, a widow with 5 children she missed out the opportunity to go to school because her family in Gulu never valued educating girl children. She was married off at the age of 16 year and stayed with the husband until when he was abducted and killed by LRA rebels in 2005 leaving her with the responsibility to take care of her 5 children alone, Josephine sells food staff and vegetables in Lukome market.

Client Quote:-

“It was so hard to accept and painful when you cannot read a signpost that is supposed to direct you, usually ending up in wrong direction because of illiteracy. This is no more since I joined the class 5 month now, Im an advocate for girl child education, because I was not in school I got married at 13 years and I know the complication that I have went through I wouldn’t want women to go through the same and this starts with education, This program is the most important intervention in our community’’……….Thank you

Josephine- Client Gulu

We hope that you are curious and interested in our program. Understanding that we cannot continue this work without your support, our desire is that you will be inspired by our clients and our achievements and will continue support our efforts.

Jul 3, 2014

We will never look back!

John taking care
John taking care

Started to provide a sustainable jump start to many vulnerable families in Gulu. The Push me once Project targets vulnerable families, through this Quarter Vac-Net has supporter more 8 eight Families by constructing more 8 Pen houses and distributing 8 pig seeds, on overage each family in Gulu has 7 members giving us 56 indirect beneficiaries in a Quarter this a big milestone in transforming our community in much more sustainable way pulling one family out of poverty at a time.

Our Goal this coming Quarter is to continue reaching out to the most vulnerable families in waiting with a seed to pull them out of poverty. We plan to construct more 8 pen houses and distribute more 8 pig seeds which continuously give us the same multiplier effect of 56 indirect benefices per quarter

Success Story

John 14 year lost his parents at the early age. Currently staying with his old grandmother who is 72 years. John is the man in the family of 5 members who includes his elderly grandmother.  John before joining the Push me once project was on street, and was fetching water for members in the community in return of getting paid ( 200 shilling) or Food for his family,

John and his Family received a pair of pig seed last year which John concentrated all his energies to taking care of the pigs.

“I was always admiring children going to school, but me and my sister were at home with our old grandmother, no one cared for us. The 2 pigs changed our life when our pig produced 9 piglets at once after feeding it for 6 month things changed in away I don’t know. Because at the beginning of the year both me and my sister started going to school for the first time, selling 5 pigs was enough to pay for school fees and buy food for us for some time. I feed our animals and love them; they are part of our life, if they continue producing our 2 sister who are not in school will join. I thank the office and Mego Joyce for constructing for us the house for pigs and giving us 2 pigs as I talk now we have given back 2 pigs to the office so that other members can get the opportunity God will bless you”

John - Project beneficiary Gulu

Nine pilets at once
Nine pilets at once
May 21, 2014

Seed changing life in Gulu

A set of seed that changes life
A set of seed that changes life

This Quarter we have constructed more 5 pen houses to most needy families and gave out seeds to 5 families from our recycle. POP project continues to addresses poverty and inequality by focusing on the social and economic imbalances targeting the neediest in the community. 

Client Quote:

I have concentrated for nine month and our life has changed after selling 4 pairs I was able to pay for my sister's school fees. I used to go door to door of different organizations looking for school fees bursaries which never worked, through our seed we can take care for ourselves” -----This project changes realities.

Ojok Bosco beneficiary  -Gulu.

We are move forward and the project continues to be transformative and relevant in the community, We hope you will continue to support Vac-Net and the women we serve in northern Uganda Your donations has transformed many already and more are waiting to moving forward we still need your support.


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