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Childcare and Development Organisation Uganda, is a registered (S.5914/4476), local non-profit organisation seeking to improve the socio-economic well being of vulnerable and orphaned children and families with our current focus in Gulu District- Uganda. CDO Uganda is a story of commitment by its founders to bring love, hope and help to address the challenges faced by thousands of children in Northern Uganda, who have been orphaned by 23 years civil war and affected by the HIV AIDS pandemic, they are in need of health, education and care. Since its inception in 2001, CDO Uganda has developed in size and scope to provide health, education and child development, agriculture and food ...
Aug 25, 2014

Providing access to health in the communities

I feel like we always start these updates with something  along the lines of “this was a busy month.” The reality is that every month is a busy month at the our health centres.  The pace of the last three months has obviously been no different. These months has included finalizing our annual reports with the government, finalising strategic documents, several trainings for our staff, staff  from neighbouring clinic visiting our clinic and outreach sites to carry out family planning, immunization and antenatal care in our community.

We are always grateful to our friends and supporters for standing with us the last three months since we last communicated with you. The following are details of how each service offered at the clinic has been running.


CATEGORY            0-5 YEARS                5 YEARS AND OVER

                           Male         Female         Male      Female

New attendance    423           409              137         264

Re attendance        04             04               00           04

Total attendance    427          411             137         268

We registered the highest number of Out Patient Attendance (OPD) under five this month in this quarter i.e 838 children were attended to this was contributed by the cooperation of our Village Health Teams (VHTs) and dedicated staff who have helped to improve the relationship between staff and clients. We plan to motivate our VHTs more in order to promote quality service provision. The most common conditions seen in the units this month were RTIs, Acute diarrhoea, malaria, skin conditions. Intense health education about the ways in which we can prevent this disease is what we will carry out in order to reduce the number of children suffering from this condition at the clinic and in our outreaches. All mothers seen at OPD are being encouraged to carry their child health card and we registered a success in this. All children attended to are being weighed.

Jun 12, 2014

Learning at the Karin Centre

Having fun
Having fun

The Kids Program is off to a great start. The discipleship class is up and running at the Karin centre where we provide discipleship classes, dance workshops for children who may be out of school for various reasons including lack of school fees, prolonged illness, loss of a parent.  They are taught by Pamela and her assistant Rose.

In the last months we are excited to offer the discipleship class for children.  The discipleship classes targets children who have been traumatised by several things including the after effects of the civil war. They have been meeting for the last 12 weeks every Saturday for discipleship classes and sometimes they also learn new skills.

For Mary and her friends coming to the Karin Centre is always very exciting. She will be meeting with her friends and perhaps even find new friends there.  The discipleship class increases the children’s knowledge on Christianity, increases their reading, writing and verbal expression skills. This program is also aligned with the Operation Christmas Child.  Mary visits the clinic to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and about God. With support from Operation Christmas Child, each child received lessons books which they read through with the guidance from their teacher Pamela. This lesson has been very wonderful for all the children who have participated in it. Many have not heard about Jesus Christ, many have not heard about the love that He shows to us. Over the last weeks the centre has received over 80 children

Through the creative works program is a self expression program for in need children ages 6-14 to discover their own stories and express them in  public performance. They also play at the playground.

Mary likes coming to the Karin centre because she gets a chance to play on the swing. Their school has no swings or any play items.

We are excited that soon this class will graduate and we start classes with another group.

Thank you once again for your belief in and support for the these children who get a chance to learn about their faith and creative arts too. This program needs more support because more children do not have access to learn.




at the centre
at the centre


May 19, 2014

Rainy season and Malaria!

testing for malaria
testing for malaria

I bring you much greetings and I am always happy to share with you our stories, our dear friends and partners.


It is the rainy season here in Gulu and the rainy season is always a blessing in many ways, because it means that the farmers will begin to see their crops growing, but for the health team it is a time to brace for the different ailment that the rains bring along. This time around there is also plenty of mangoes, which is good for the children. But we always see the number of diarrhoea case rising because children eat these fruits right from the tree without washing them. The rainy season also brings along a rise in the number of malaria cases. The water puddles that gather around homes provide the right breeding grounds for mosquitoes. In addition to this, with the rains the roads are muddy and wet, but this does not affect the peoples’ spirit to work. The health staffs continue serving the patients that visit the clinics with unwavering hard work.


Many children are brought in with severe malaria. For the health staff they are always on the lookout for these cases because they know how dangerous this can be if a child is not treated immediately. This is what happened to Sheila Anena when she was brought in the clinic on one Monday morning, she could hardly walk. She had a high temperature and was vomiting profusely. Her mother was very worried!. When she was tested for malaria, she was found to be having malaria parasite in her blood. She was given treatment and by the end of the day she was feeling a lot better.


The Karin Clinics see over 80% cases of malaria in children. In the last three months over 906 children tested positive for malaria. For many of these children over 50% of these children are under five years old. Malaria brings a lot of challenges to the family. It means that the child cannot go to school, the mother cannot also work because they have to take care of their sick children.


We are requesting for funds for mosquito nets. We are raising funds to provide 1000 long lasting insecticide treated nets. Please donate generously as your donation will go a long way in preventing malaria and keeping the children healthy and in school.


Our success is due to your untiring support. It is a great partnership and we hope to continue having you by our side.

Sheila and mother
Sheila and mother


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