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Mission Statement: To provide health care for those who can not provide for themselves. 5 Founding Principles: Maternity care, Children's health, Training and education of Afghans, Afghans for Afghans, Sustainability
May 30, 2014

Aschiana Clinic continues to build success

Dear Aschiana Clinic Supports,


Thank you for helping this very important project achieve success! In the last three months the clinic has really started to be accepted in the community and there has been an increase in the number of patients treated and educated in every category. Let me share a few details….


Now that school is back in session the number of patients being treated at the clinic each month has doubled to approximately 400. The need for childhood vaccinations as a method of disease prevention can not be overstated. This service is free at the Aschiana clinic and we are hopeful that through our educational classes more families will bring their children to partake in this life saving activity. The lab has opened and blood tests checking for infection are being run. An additional machine will be added in June that analyzes for electrolyte balance and will show how well organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs are working. This will help tremendously with the early diagnosis of disease and guide proper treatment.


Staff changes were made in February that support cultural norms and encourage women to use the clinic. Two female physicians were hired with obstetric and family practice experience. They began visiting the surrounding neighborhoods and Inter-displacement (IDP) camps, introducing themselves and talking about the variety of services offered at the clinic. The need for basic health education was quickly identified and the communities asked that classes be taught in their homes. March was the first month this service was offered and 55 men and women attended the first classes. By the end of April word had started to spread and 400 attended classes during the month….we are looking forward to seeing the final numbers for May and are very excited that the educational programs are being so well received.


Thank you for believing in this project and continuing to provide monthly support. Your donations are improving the quality of life for hundreds of children each month.

Feb 19, 2014

Aschina Clinic is Improving Lives

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support of the AMOR clinic at the Aschiana School for Street Children.  Because of your commitment to this project the community that it serves is receiving pediatric urgent care services; free vaccines and micro-nutrient supplements; and reliable, quality pharmaceuticals.

The clinic and it's staff are gaining trust in the community and more patients are coming to the clinic for treatment each week.  The school is currently closed for winter break so there are no students on campus.  This decreases the daily walk-in patients, so the physicians are using the available time to conduct health education seminars in the surrounding Inter-displacement (IDP) camps and raise awareness about the clinics presence and the services it provides.  Currently averages of 200 patients are receiving a variety of treatments each week.  We are optimistic that this number will double over the next quarter as the weather improves and the school year resumes.

AMOR is currently working on a budget for lab equipment.  The ability to provide on site diagnostic lab results will facilitate the quick and accurate diagnosis of our patient's problems.  Additionally, the lab will assist with both early interventions in a disease process, and informed follow up treatment.  We are excited about the opportunity to provide this additional service at the clinic and will keep you updated as we move forward with the purchasing of this equipment.

I look forward to sharing with you the continued success of the AMOR Achiana Health Clinic (AAHC) in the coming quarter.



Oct 14, 2013

Fall Report on AMOR Achiana Health Clinic (AAHC)

Dear Project Supporters,

It was a pleasure to visit the AAHC clinic in person two weeks ago and see the progress being made first hand. Children were receiving treatment, families were in the waiting room, and prescriptions were being filled. The clinic is enjoying an organized opening and the clean exam rooms, each with its own sink to promote infection control, are spacious and well stocked.

I appreciated learning from Aschiana’s Director, Engineer Yousef, that there are five Inter-Displacement camps within walking distance of the clinic.  Approximately 150,000 families from provinces throughout Afghanistan, who have sought temporary refuge here in Kabul, live in these camps with an average family size of eight; one surviving parent and seven children. This means that the pediatric catchment population for the clinic, just from the surrounding camps, is over 1 million children!  What an incredible opportunity we have to change the outcome of so many young lives by providing vaccines, basic health care, and health education to this vulnerable population.

To increase awareness about the clinic opening, the services being provided, and the general health benefits of vaccines and clean water, we have begun exploring a community outreach program.  Ideally a health educator will visit each of the camps on a routine basis, provide basic health education, and encourage the children and their
parents to take full advantage of the clinic services.

The potential outreach of this well placed clinic is tremendous. It is your continued financial support for this project that make it possible for AMOR to provide life saving health care and health education to the children in the Wazir Akbar Khan District in Kabul.  Thank you for your generosity!  Please take a minute to review the new project photos I have attached.   I look forward to continuing to share with you the progress that is being made in the number of patients being treated and the variety of services provided. 

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