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The Ann Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth with disabilities and/or from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in developing countries. Through partnerships with local NGOs and educational institutions, we primarily provide educational services including English, computer literacy, and personality development through Skype and other technology. We also support health and humanitarian services through mission trips to developing countries.
Jul 15, 2013

ESL classes for the students with visual impairme

The ESL classes for the students with visual impairments in the IELC school, Bargur  started on the 17th of June. The classes were postponed by a government ordered delay due to heat waves. Now, we are conducting nine sessions each week for students in grades IV to XII.

IELC school is now being managed by a new correspondent, Mr. Lawrence Inbaraj, who is not only focused on the educational needs but is also devoted to the overall well being of the children.  On assuming his role as the Correspondent of the IELC School, he brought a huge wave of change, including the cleaning the school premises, planting trees, and renovating the building. In addition, the school has appointed dedicated technical coordinators who are happy to stay beyond their regular work schedule to help us conduct the ESL classes.

With the goal of incorporating improvements to the ESL project, we have revamped the IELC project team and have appointed seven new tutors and a project manager who understand the true value of education. All are committed to this cause and determined to produce positive outcomes. They are also enthusiastic about experimenting with new teaching techniques. The students are all thrilled to meet their new tutors and are having fun in their learning sessions every week. We often experience interruptions caused by power failures and internet connectivity issues, but with the interest of the children, involvement of the tutors and support from the school authorities, the classes are continuing amidst all technical difficulties.

We realize that any educational project must match the needs of the day and hence are in the process of enhancing the curriculum and introducing innovative teaching methods. Soon, we will be conducting ‘train the trainer’ sessions for the tutors to give them more clarity on how best to work with children with visual and hearing impairments.

We are eagerly looking ahead for an academic year of opportunities. Listed below are some of the activities already lined up for the near future:

1.       Personality development classes

2.       Teacher training sessions


Oct 1, 2012

New curriculum, volunteers and more...

Students of IELC, Bargur, India
Students of IELC, Bargur, India

As promised, we are happy to share with you, our first Youtube project! In this promotional video, we have narrated the story of Ann Foundation’s work with IELC. We hope you like it. Tell us what you think! Here is the link:

This academic year, our focus is on revamping the curriculum based on best practices. We would like to introduce assessments and evaluations that will help us identify what is working, and where we need to improve. To this end, we have engaged a new project manager and teaching volunteers who will take this project to the next level. They are already working hard, and we hope to update you soon about what is new!

We hope you will continue to support us. Thank you, donors and supporters of Ann Foundation. Do share the story of our children to friends and family by forwarding the Youtube link or posting it on your Facebook page, twitter and other outlets!


Jun 26, 2012

Summer at IELC

This April, the academic year at IELC ended on a positive note. Our IELC representatives tell us that all our children were successful in their year-end school exams. What’s more, six students graduating from the school intend to pursue English Literature in their undergraduate studies! We are thrilled that so many of our students wish to take up English in college. Our hope, at the outset, was not only to provide IELC children with important communicative skills in English, but also to foster motivation to learn and love the English language. Kudos to our students on their academic success and career plans!

In keeping with our goal to provide computer education, the IELC management has brought in a new specialist computer teacher who will start training our students when school reopens on July 1st. Ann Foundation believes technology is a great way to break barriers brought on by visual impairment, and we are hopeful about receiving generous donations to support this effort. Donations can be made for any of our specific technology needs listed on this webpage. 

At this time, we are also pleased to announce that Ann Foundation has launched Project YouTube in our effort to make our projects more visible on the web. Since IELC has been one of our oldest and most successful projects, we decided to tell the story of IELC first!  After collecting audio and video material from IELC students and AF volunteers these last few months, we are working on completing the promotional film by end of summer. Keep an eye out for a Youtube link on our next update!

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