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Aug 16, 2012

3.2.1 School Opens in India - Our Journey Begins

In 24 hours from now the 3.2.1 team will welcome our first set of parents and students into our school.

In 24 hours our future students will meet their teachers who will explain to the tiny kindergarten kids that from now on they will do whatever it takes to even the odds for them.

And, in 24 hours a long held dream would become a reality.

I started dreaming of starting a school about 630 days ago in the September of 2010. Since then it’s been an incredible journey. It started with me skipping Teach For India placements and figuring out how to get to the US to study the education reform movement. And then to many crazy months of fundraising, selection interviews, acceptance to the fellowship, and starting legal work on the school and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) partnership.

In June of 2011, I finally landed in the US – 6 months of incredible learning, going to almost 15 cities, visiting nearly 40 charter, public and private schools, having more than 200 meetings with exceptional leaders and then coming back completely exhausted and insanely excited.

After that the India journey began in December 2011. Hours spent daily either at the government offices to find empty school buildings or meeting potential funders. Along side this spending weeks to figure out the complicated legal requirements for opening a school.

Simultaneously, recruitment became a priority and it required many weeks of effort to get our founding teachers and staff members.

With all this the nights were spent in going through legal documents, making contracts, designing marketing strategies and making budgets, 5 year plans, 10 year plans, operational plans, instructional plans.

The weekends went in working on crafting our philosophy, vision, mission and model, defining our instructional framework and our support systems, finalizing our curriculums and assessments and making policies and official documents.  

And I also sneaked in a trip to Finland (one of the world’ best education system) in the middle of all this.

I was very lucky to find an exceptional team along this journey who have truly made this dream their dream. We spent many evenings and nights in the past few months meeting, understanding each other, sharing our beliefs and forming a common vision all the while balancing multiple commitments.

All this lead to a 4-week training institute which was planned and executed in house.  We had long, deep discussions on everything from philosophy to international best practices. We spent a lot of time learning lessons from exceptional leaders and organizations in diverse fields like technology, sports, psychology, brain research, performing arts and medicine. We got exposure to great systems and organizations, studied the latest in cognitive science and behavioral psychology, poured through the works of giants in the field of education, analyzed exceptional schools and school systems and then worked on creating all the resources required to setup a school. We finished our institute last week.

And this leads us to now – today when we are one day away from starting our school we feel elated about these 3 big things:

1. We feel lucky to have an incredible team, which is very talented, passionate invested. Also, they are an extremely cool bunch of people to hang out with.

2. We have had a really successful training institute, which has set us up for success in the future. But also aware that it was the honeymoon period of our journey and the real challenges will start when we open our doors to nearly 90 crying 5 year olds.

3. We have managed to recruit about 90 kids and plan to push this number higher in the coming weeks. This is despite severe challenges of starting recruitment months after neighboring schools had started and convincing skeptical parents.

I want to end with this long report with this:

Gratitude is a very important value of ours so I am very grateful that now I can say our journey instead of my journey. I am grateful for all you wonderful people who have supported us on this journey. We are standing on the shoulders of giants and we are extremely grateful for that. We are grateful to the parents who are trusting us with their kids. And we are very grateful for having found that rare and holy thing – passion.

Tomorrow is a big for us. Wish us well dear friends!

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May 21, 2012

Lions, zebras, and giraffes, oh my!

Jungle Jamboree
Jungle Jamboree

The Jungle Jamboree at the Akansha School within the Sitaram Mill Compound Mumbai Public School was a filled with excitement as the KG and 1st standard students performed for parents, teachers, and community members at their end of year showcase. The event highlighted the culmination of a year of learning with students performing skits, songs, dances and poems – all in English – showing off all they had learned over the course of the year. A group of parents performed a special dance to show their appreciation for the teachers and staff.

After the performance, guests were invited to visit the classrooms where students waited at learning stations to answer math and reading questions from the guests. A year ago, these young learners hardly spoke a word of English. These interactive learning demonstrations showed that after a year of hard work, the students are now able to converse confidently with guests in English and apply their learning to different situations, not just recite memorized material. The students from impoverished neighborhoods in India are well on their way to a quality education to prepare them to reach their highest potential in life. The event highlighted the rigor, high expectations, joy and community involvement that makes this school an outstanding educational opportunity for undeserved students in the neighborhood. 

Down the road, the 3.2.1 School was conducting teacher orientation as it prepares to open its doors to 120 KG and 1st standard students. With your support, the school was able to secure a reputable math curriculum from the TERC Company.

Your donation to EdVillage helps us further the work of the Akanksha and 3.2.1. Schools and share their best practices and learnings with like-minded school networks around the world. You are ensuring that more students from low-income communities receive a great education and for that, we sincerely thank you.

Learning demonstrations with visitors
Learning demonstrations with visitors


Feb 21, 2012

Back to School in South Africa

Frist Day of School-Ross Hill
Frist Day of School-Ross Hill

January is filled with the excitement of back to school time in South Africa. Students return to school with crisp uniforms, new books, sharpened pencils, and an eagerness to learn.

Unfortunately, few children from the shantytowns in Johannesburg and Cape Town have access to the same top-notch education as their wealthier peers. They do not see university in their future and are often forced to drop out of school to help support their family. 

EdVillage Global Fellows Ross Hill and Bonisile Ntlemeza are changing that. They are leading schools that are committed to providing an excellent education to kids from the shantytowns, the kids that few believe can achieve at the highest levels, the kids no one expects to go on to university. 

Their students dream of becoming doctors and engineers. Others want to teach and a one says she’ll be president someday. The schools that Ross and Bonisile lead encourage their students to dream big while providing the rigorous education necessary to make these dreams a reality. These students have their sights set on university and Ross, Bonisile and their staff of dedicated teachers are committed to ensuring each one achieves this goal. Your donation is helping make this possible. Equipped with books and provided reliable transportation, the students are able to attend schools regularly and focus on learning.

Great schools require great school leaders. Throughout 2012, EdVillage will continue to train and support more promising school leaders and schools who are committed to serving low-income children worldwide. We greatly appreciate your support that helps address education disparities around the globe and allows more students reach their full potential. 


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