Summer Research Internships (Unpaid)

Do you feel passionately about the social entrepreneurship and international development sectors? Are you looking for a challenging work experience? GlobalGiving connects social entrepreneurs and grassroots organizations with individuals, corporations, and institutions that have an interest in supporting and fueling significant social impact. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has helped non-profits and social entrepreneurs in 120 countries grow their communities of donors and volunteers to raise nearly $75 million from more than 290,000 individual and corporate donors.

GlobalGiving is part of - a new consortium of tech-nonprofits trying to fix the broken the feedback loops in international development. We believe citizens are the "experts" on whether the programs meant to serve them actually work. Your mission - should you accept it - is to design and manage experiments that help us all learn what feedback mechanisms do work, where or why they work, and understand the context in which they could work better.

You are applying to be the first research assistant or big data scientist in training for FeedbackLabs. We know that giving poor communities a voice is your raison d'etre and that you lie awake at night wondering how data can help people build stronger relationships. You are naturally curious, creative, passionate, and somewhat technically savvy. You've heard of "big data" or python and you want to learn more but you've never had the chance. You're already thinking of ways to convince us that you already know everything, so that we'll read your application, when in fact you don't, but you plan to teach yourself as much as you can before you start work.

No problem. You're halfway there.

This internship is speaking to you. This is your ticket into the future. We'll train you. You will get to work with people who share your passion and want to solve problems that matter. If the complexity of nature astounds you and you've been wondering where to find the people who study the system of the world for nonprofits and aid programs in order to make digital democracy a possibility in our lifetime, this is that place.

Welcome home.

To apply, send your CV and in lieu of a cover letter, write a short essay on this:

Choose one example of a service that affects the poor in a developing country and describe how you would design an experiment to study how feedback affects the outcomes.

For Big Data Scientist in Training:

Also, in your CV, please describe if you have done any thing with MySQL, python, javascript, CSS, R or any other relevant tech. These are not required, but they will strengthen your application.

For Research Assistant:

Please be willing to phone interview people all over the world, manage your records in a spreadsheet, and have some experience with literature reviews.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Please include "Big Data Scientist" or "Research Assistant" in the subject line of your submission and let us know how you learned of the position.

We look forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, find out why the Daily Muse calls GlobalGiving an inspiring place to work!

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